Reviewed August 16, 2015

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I've got more examples of course, and they will be part of the new website, arriving soon.

A New Mark Twain Medical Center Website

Using the Dignity Health website guidelines and great tech and web content people, I completed the hospital website with more interactive features and a lot more information in June of 2015. It was a challenge and I'm pleased with the results.I've been fortunate to have the hospital as a client since 1988. Take a look at the website.

A Newish Website for an American Concrete Institute Chapter

With the technical skills of Jeff Hughes to develop excellent interactive features, I introduced a new website for the Northern California and Western Nevada Chapter - ACI in November of 2012. The website has continued to offer more content and interactivity since the introduction.

A recent review by an ACI marketing person in Michgan commented, "The chapter website looks great. Lots of vibrant colors and very detailed Event and Certification info."   I've had the local ACI Chapter as a client since 1999. Take a look.

Racy Experiences with Lotus and dbe Print Ads

dave bean engineering I enjoy the latitude to try and come up with entertaining and eccentric print ads.

    Take a look at four dbe ads.

IssuesImagesGlimpses Work SamplesExperienceHomepage