Reviewed January 9, 2016

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Wagon rim at Bodie

From 150 years ago:

Tales of Treachery and Truth

Jacob Renfel
A Story Series � Bob Lema
Premieres before Haley's Comet returns. Promise!

Over seven decades in the making, the story's taken twists and turns over the last few years. The main characters have remained the same, but character development got real twisted in the Spring of 2000, and things remain twisting in the virtual, timeless wind for the last 16 years. Art may imitate life, but occasionally the canary pops the cat and all bets are off. And if you claim "it could happen," then that might be as useful to your agenda as the facts would be -- for awhile. Truth and reality have a pesky habit of thwarting delusional people, as examples all around us indicate, thank goodness!

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