Reviewed January 9, 2016

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The Impact of the Internet

Over 95% of Americans have an Internet-linked computer at their work and/or home. The Internet and social media are deeply integrated into how we communicate and learn as a nation and a planet. Does a computer for every student mean anything more than a computer for every student? Doesn't education depend upon personal interaction, not mousing around and texting to person next to you instead of talking to them? And doesn't a reliance on high tech make teachers into computer technicians and troubleshooters? With well over 2 billion websites now available, there is something for everyone, unfortunately.

For those who are neck-deep in Social Media -- do not EVER put a word or photo on any Social Media network that you wouldn't be comfy with on every Post Office bulletin board in America.

Don't Try to Be Too Successful

The Business Trial of the Century has turned into "Groundhog Day" -- Microsoft vs Everybody, the DOJ, and outraged goat farmers slugged it out and then the EU tag-teamed and extracted another couple billion from Redmond, with email the primary evidence. (Delete those messages you don't want and scrub the bytes from your disc! But even Hillary runs into trouble!) Eventual results predictions? I can imagine the Supreme Court weighing the merits of the bundling a browser with an operating system. And what about Apple's dilemma of wanting to safeguard their customers' data, but then it becomes inaccessbile when the Bad People use iPhones. Is there a betting pool somewhere on how finally spins out?

Beware of overwhelming success -- some folks think that it's illegal to be successful and that everyone who owns a business is evil.   

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