Reviewed January 9, 2016

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A Racy Experience

dave bean engineering is located in San Andreas, California, and sells Lotus and English Ford parts to clients throughout the world.

Beginning with childhood adventures attending races at Monterey's Laguna Seca track in the early 60s, I've appreciated the contribution of Lotus to motor sports.

Since 1999, I've been fortunate to work with dbe doing ads that highlight the events that Lotus owners groups hold each year in different locations in North America. We attempt humor in the ads, playing off the location of the event and often incorporating Dave Bean's classic #16 car.

A typical ad starts with a concept and then I head to the Internet to locate appropriately licensed images for the elements in the ad.  Some images come directly from the Lotus owners clubs. Others come from Lotus itself. Stock photo resources are important to the process.

Photoshop plays an essential part in every ad. Working on the composite image, a Photoshop file can often have between 12 and 25 layers of objects in it.  The results are often surreal and hopefully amusing. I spend a lot of time in Photoshop for a variety of clients, but the output is usually to correct images rather than creating fanciful scenes. When I'm successful in correcting images, you don't notice anything strange, but when a car is perched at the top of a waterfall, that is a bit different.

The four ads below might take a minute to load in . . .