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Fishing Tales & Today Show Frog Jumping

In 2011, I caught only two fish and 2012's total was zero. Not exactly a reasonable ROI for a $44 fishing license in California. This year I plan to use explosives. Enough with the soft-headed appreciation of nature as the main benefit of fishing. I plan expeditions to four favorite spots -- Lake Davis and Gold Lake in Plumas County with newphews, Pardee Reservoir about 15 minutes away with friends. And the Mokelumne River just five minutes down the hill from home. Looking good for 2013 - one fishing trip on 130713, one nice 12 inch trout!
I've been s-l-o-w-l-y moving forward with a redesign of this website, but some major items that I wanted to introduce have not been posted yet, including a short story I've been working on for over a decade. 

On the business side, I'm lucky to work with excellent people who are also clients; some for over 25 years. This year I am working on several websites, have produced dozens of ads and brochures, and am making short client videos for YouTube. I enjoy what I do. 

Every website needs to have an entertainment aspect to it, with things that people enjoy aesthetically or procedurally or linguistically. Hope you enjoy the visit.

My revised site (very lightly penciled in for "sometime" this century with an eraser at the ready) will include good ideas and samples in a different visual approach. I'll include some thoughts about working in technology-dependent media and the ever-increasing load of digital information. And I'll be offering downloads of some of my photos and NASA images that can be used for your computer desktop background image. I have over 300 different backgrounds, and increment minute. 

Recently, Cousin Judy from Penobscot, Maine sent a wonderous live lobster dinner for two and it arrived on my birthday. Our Bichon Gus and Schnauzer Brothers Archie and Chester enjoyed jousting with our East Coast ocean visitors. What a great dinner! We steamed the clams that came with the lobsters and put them over pasta with a nice white sauce with Portobello mushrooms the next day. We had some great shrimp bisque with garlic bread for another dinner. It will be difficult to go back to those frozen Banquet Salisbury Steak dinners with the pasty potatos. CLICK HERE to see some of the fun on Lobster Night!

Did you know I was on the Today Show on August 31 of 2011? Ah . . . my three minutes of fame!

Here's how that happened -- I volunteer my time to help announce the Frog Jump, held the third weekend in May each year in Angels Camp at the County Fairgrounds. The folks on the Frog Jump Committee are truly outstanding volunteers, and I feel honored I'm asked to participate in a very small way each year. The Today Show contacted the Calaveras County Fairgrounds and asked for someone who could MC a Frog Jump on the Today Show during a segment that celebrated the odd and wonderful actitivites of county and state fairs in America. The Fairgrounds folks asked me to be that MC. I was stunned. I asked John Hamilton of the for some video clips of the Frog Jump and emailed those the Today Show producer, worked on the topics that the show wanted me to talk with the show anchors about, and after preparing for about a month I flew to NYC to appear on the show. The Today Show segment was a lot of fun. The Frog Jump continues to attract media attention and has been portrayed in a positive way with Larry the Cable Guy and and a motion studies group from Brown University among recent visitors.

Here's a link for that Today Show Jump - The third video clip is the jump footage.  

And be sure to check out the Frogtown website, and come to the Fair in 2014!


Abraham Lincoln wrote:  
“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

And what is it I claim to do for a living?

I often awake with a start in the middle of the night and ask myself the same thing. Well, let's try and say . . .

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Some ads and websites and the stories behind them.

Tales of Treachery and Truth Mimic Haley's Coment Here!
Fictional tales. But not exactly fiction. After the first story premieres, who knows what's next?
Meanwhile, that comet continues its 76-year orbit and will be premiering near Earth bye and bye.

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